Friday, February 12, 2010

I haven't written something that's worth reading in ages...

S0. I shall write something that shall hopefully be readable..

Today I had to sit by myself in science, in the front row, at first I was rather sulky about that fact, then three of the "popular" guys came to sit next to me. (note the quotations around popular, we actually don't really have populars at our school) I was sitting there silently doing my work like the little nerd whom I am, when I started to listen to their conversation.

Now, I wasn't really eavesdropping, I was just picking up on little parts of their chat, when I realised that they were all talking about really heavy stuff. Like how one of their mum's has got cancer, how the other one is considering leaving home because he has lots of siblings and feels as though his parents don't care about him and such.

Now, this came as quite a shock to me, as you know...normally people think, oh, they're popular, they must have such easy lives right? So my point for people to remember, if anyone actually reads this, is that even though people look as though they have a tough, or care-free exterior, they might actually be hurting too.


  1. excusez-moi can you please email me about this because miss nosey josie needs to know all about it because she has to keep stalking *cough* ben *cough* because she can't help herself and is addicted to it. thankyou

  2. wow, deep stuff! haha, but i totally agree!

  3. no way, it's totally top secret XD