Monday, December 21, 2009

I hate christmas.

When I was little, I used to love christmas...Before my parent's split up, we spent every year at Nana's house, but had supper at Granny's on Christmas Eve, that's the way it was. Then they split up and things stayed relatively similar, we stayed over at Dad's house on Christmas Eve, woke up extremely early, opened all of our presents, then we went to Granny's house for brunch, then went over to Nana's house and stayed there all day. It was simple and the routine never changed for 10 years. Til last year, Granny made a big fuss that our relatives from Canada and Scotland would be over, and we'd need to be there. So we just flipped it all around, Nana's for brunch, Granny's for lunch, and it sucked. Granny can't cook, my brother and I always end up in arguments with our cousins, our relatives all got super drunk and then I got locked in a broom cupboard for an hour. Seriously, not a great way to spend Christmas.

So this year, we decided we'd do something really different, and my Mum, brother, Dad and I, were all going to head down to Victor Harbor for a couple of days around Christmas time, that way, we wouldn't have to decide which house to go to. I was happy with that. I was happy that we would be spending Christmas as one big happy family like the good old days.

But no, someone had to go and ruin that as well. Now we're not going to Victor Harbor, and my Grandparents are fighting over which house we should spend lunch at. If we don't have lunch at Nana's, we won't see our little cousins, which would be tragic. If we don't go to Granny's, we don't see our cousin on his 16th birthday, which frankly, my brother and I really don't give a shit about. Nana has nicer food, our closer family are there, it's just a tradition to spend Christmas at Nana's.

I think I might just hide in my room all of Christmas Day, that sounds like fun.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Someone once told me that happiness often sneaks through a door you never left open..

I think it was Sarah. Actually. Maybe not. Anyway, it doesn't matter who said it. I never quite understood how that made any sense.....Til now :D I've been on a super happy high since around 3 this morning. It's quite awesome.

So yeah, I actually don't have much else to say. Except that last night was the most fun I'd had in ages...Went seriously hyper...didn't even need any sugar or caffeine, we just went randomly hyper! It was FUN! Then we decided at like 8.30 that we should randomly dye our hair. So we forced Lisa's mum to drive us around til we found a shop that was still open and sold hair dyes. So yes, now I have 'chocolate' hair, and Lisa has 'Blueberry.'

'Twas fun...shows I don't have much exciting news *coughcoughcoughcoughcough*

I'm just not blogging of anything of actually importance anymore :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

My friends are seriously amazing.


My friends are awesome.

I guess I did pick the right ones hey?

Even if I get on their nerves by being stupid and stubborn and making stupid jokes, or asking randoms to marry me, they still love me :D


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Me and my odd thoughts....sigh.

I had an odd thought today, whilst sitting in my classroom after i'd finished my science exam after 15 minutes when we had an hour and a half.

I was thinking that I absolutely hate the fact that certain friends of mine don't regard me as a Christian at, it's kind of difficult to say without naming names, but a fair few of my friends only discovered this week that I go to church and youth group and actually am a Christian....just cos I don't go around preaching to our non-christian friends, or go around I hate gay people or whatever...

It makes me think I musn't be showing my values too well if a few of my friends don't realise that I'm even a Christian...I must be doing a pretty crappy's the job of Christians to share the amazingness of God, but when the people you hang out with on a daily basis don't know you're a Christian, it makes you think you're not doing too good a job.


That is all folks.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

How can someone be so close but feel so far away?

The truth is I really do miss you. Even if I see you heaps. I really just want the old you back.
You've changed so much it hurts. It hurts me to see you like this, because I know it's not who you are. It's not like you to do all the stuff you're doing.
It hurts me. And your family. And it's not achieving anything.
So please. Stop before you hurt yourself.
I miss the old you. Who turned up at my house with two litres of melted icecream because you didn't realise that icecream melted. Or the one who cheered me up by chasing chickens with me. That's who I want back.
Love Jema :D

What if i don't want to give it a title? Sarah, a blog has to have a title. No it doesn't Jema! Yes! No! Yes! No!

Well. Sarah and I enjoy arguing.

Anyway.......................what should we blog about Sarah?
I don't know Jema.
Apple pie?
Human pie?
Banana Custard Pie?
Blueberry Pie?
Fine. Apple Crumble?
I do like Apple Crumble, let's go make some!
I thought I was supposed to be the one saying no?
And now the tables have turned! MUAHAHAHAHAH
Shut up Sarah.

Now to actually blog and not randompietalk.

I'm sick of hearing about oil rigs, like, I know my Dad runs one. But gee, it gets freaking annoying when I'm supposed to be somewhere at 11, and I don't get there til like 1 because Dad's been on the phone! ITS ANNOYING. GOSH.

End of ventication.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Apparentely I have to sing badabadadadada repeatedly to boost the length of my solo.

It's rather boring.

Sorry, I just had to inform everyone about my lame solo. Which is a song I loved until tonight. STUPID SOLOS RUIN THE SONGS YOU'RE DOING.

I don't know what to blog random burst of happiness that makes me think of sunflowers? I like sunflowers, they're pretty. I remember at Sarah's old house there were giant sunflowers that were taller than us. Sigh.

Why do people have to leave? Like seriously. This year I've had one friend move to New Zealand, one to Queensland, the twins moved far away but not too far away, Issy moved to ones leaving tomorrow, the other one next week. At least they're only moving schools, but still it's sad :(

Oh well, I'll live.

I'm glad it's the weekend. Weekend's are fun.

That is all.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Letters FROM the editor.

I kind of stole this idea...yes Sarah, once again off of you.

Dear exams,

Go die in a hole. Your pointless and stupid and have me freaking out over nothing. I don't want to study, the idea of facebook and blog is so much more appealing. So please go away until year 12 when you're actually important.

Love Jema.

Dear person,

You're awesome. Wallpaper shopping is fun. Thanks for the Sims.

Love Jema.

Dear said person's mum,

You cook the best food ever. Why can't MY mum cook?

Love Jema.

Dear stupid maths teacher,

Learn how to explain stuff please. For the sake of me failing year 9.

Love Jema

Dear You,

I don't think you're stupid. I just think you did something stupid. I love you anyways. I honestly don't care what anyone thinks, and therefore neither should you.

Love Jema

Dear Person,

You're awesome. And hilariously funny, even if no one else thinks so. You're smart, even if no one else thinks so. You're my bestest friend ever...only because you buy me sushi.

Love Jema.

Dear Person,

You ARE amazing. You're fantastically awesomely helpful. And I WUB YOOOOOOOOU.

Love Jema.

Dear 2nd Person,

You are also amazing and fantastically awesomely helpful. I love you too :D

Love Jema.

Dear Graduation,


Not Love Jema.

Dear Grace's seizures,

Go away, you're freaky.

Love Jema.

Dear Person who I wrote two letters to,

You're special. You got two.

Love Jema.

I don't want to do solos :|

Just had a realisation that solos are on Friday, and me and Jenni only decided what we were doing I had a good afternoon today, went op-shopping with Lisa, we ended up buying wallpaper! It only cost 2 bucks a roll,

Anyway, HI SARAH!
I stole this off you.

9 things about myself that you might not know...

1) My name is actually Jema-Kate.

2) I'm almost a black belt, and do not look like it, but I could probably punch your lights out :D

3) I have a slightly obsessive personality.

4) I have 1 or 3 brothers, depending on how you look at it.

5) I have a strange passion for movies about the end of the world and or natural disasters.

6) I have seriously weird, random and spontaneous friends who try and bite my fingers, make me pie for no reason, turn up in my bedroom holding buckets of fairy floss and melted icecream, and force me to watch Finding Nemo 5 times in a row.

7) I really love them anyway.

8) I think the number 8 is a lame number.

9) I supposedly look like a rabbit when I'm thinking, because I apparentely put my two front teeth over my lips, I've never actually witnessed this.

Eight of my favourite things...
1) Doctor Who

2) ALLLLLLL of my music

3) Jackson Rathbone

4) My ipod

5) My friends?

6) Rain

7) Bananas

8) Randomness.

Seven things that cross my mind a lot...
1) Why is the sky blue?

2) I worry too much

3) Why on earth am I thinking about THAT?!

4) I'm hungry

5) Why is pop music nowadays all so rappy and crappy?

6) Sigh.

7) Why?

Six things I do before I go to sleep...
1) Read for a bit
2) Write for a bit
3) Turn on my ipod
4) Find my sleepy playlist and play it obviously
5) Think
6) Stop thinking and attempt sleep.

Five people who mean a lot...not in order...I couldn't be cruel.
1) Sarah+Morgan
2) Ally
3) Family people
4) Lisa
5) Ben+Brandon+Morgan+Reuben

Four things you've done in the past week...
1) Slept in til 1 which I've never done before.
2) Gone christmas shopping
3) Bought wallpaper
4) Went swimming

3 of your favourite songs at the moment-not in order, order is cruel.
1) Whiskey Lullaby
2) Thanks for Today
3) Neapolitan Dreams (oh, that's going to be different by friday...stupid solos ruin your favourite songs!!)

Two things you want to do before you die...
1) Skydive
2) Dive in a pool of chocolate

One confession...
1) I really do enjoy watching The Wiggles.
The movie is definetely the best.

Four things I hate...

Hi everbody :D

We think people are sick freaks.
Who are losers and are annoyingly over-protective.

Love Jema and Lisa.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stuff Evolution.

Lately two of my certain friends *coughcoughbrandonandgracecoughcough* have been debating about evolution. Now I don't mind them discussing what they believe and whatever. But honestly, guys. God created everything, do you really care how? Does it matter if it was through some random big bang or from monkeys or something wacko like that? No. You just have to believe! It's like that movie where they all stop believing in, it's nothing like that, but you get the jist of what i'm saying don't you?

I'm not on either of your sides.

So you two, stop fighting, your too cute to fight. It's weird seeing it. If you guys fight, then no one stands a chance. So I'm saying in the nicest way possible, shut up guys. Please? For my sake?

That's enough about arguments going on. I should go study so I don't fail these exams. I'm failing maths as it is. Yes, I am genuinely failing maths. My mum is going to kill me. Oh well. Ciao World Of Blog.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I think I must automatically blog when I'm tired...

Seriously. Everytime I'm tired, I end up blogging about it. It's really quite amusing. I should be asleep, but I'm not, I should be studying but I'm not, I should be doing homework, but I'm not...The list goes on and on.

Brandon got me hooked on this song.
It's called Whisky Lullaby

The rumours flew, but nobody knew.
How much she blamed herself.
For years and years.
She tried to hide away the whisky on her breath.

She finally drank her pain away.
A little at a time.
But she never could get drunk enough.
To get him off her mind.
Until the night.

She put the bottle to her head and pulled the trigger.
And finally drank away his memory.
Life is short but this time it is bigger.
Than the strength she had to get up off her knees.

We found her with her face down in the pillow.
Clinging to his picture for dear life.
We laid her next to him beneath the willow.
While the angels sang a whisky lullaby.

I don't actually know why I'm blogging about something that is so depressing. But yeah. It's depressing. But I'm hooked on it. Kudos to Brandon for getting me hooked on a severely depressing/suicidal song. Anyway......

I think I should go and study...Tata Blog World.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why are people so stupid?

Some people just do stupid things. I know I do stupid things all the time, but it annoys the heck out of me when people complain about the things they do. WHY DID YOU DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU FREAKING IDIOT?!?!?!?!?!

Sorry after the random piece of venting.

I think I should go to sleep.

No, maybe not, I'll just wait a couple more hours until you come on msn. Smart Jema, real smart. Oh well, it's not like I'll get much more sleep being in bed than I will if I'm on the computer anyway...Fine, I'll make a deal with you, I'll stay on til 2...if your not on by then, then I'm going to sleep. Fair? I think so.

Another random piece of news...I found a website called, you basically write yourself an email, then choose the date that you want to get it...I wanted to write myself emails for everyday for a year, then I decided that was too hard and went for once a month, I'm looking forward to getting random emails from myself once a month!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stupid chlorine...

Swimming carnival was fun. Except for the relay. I still managed to get a ribbon though! Yay! It was cool to just swim all day, and eat...eating is a very important part of our swimming carnivals and sports days...It was also good discussing the possible songs for our band! The idea of us being in a band may seem weird to everyone else who thinks we'll fail, but I actually think it's going to be really good. And we have like 2 pages of possible songs to attempt to cover before we start writing our own...But none the less, I'm SUPER excited. And I'm not sure why I'm excited about being in a band with a guy who plays guitar and another guy who wants to learn it, then me who can play a little bit of like 7 instruments...lemme see, guitar, bass, piano, uke, violin/viola, saxophone and I can sing. This should be interesting. But I definetely want to randomly call out "SWITCHAROO" in one of our practices and then end up on some random instrument...anyways...I should learn the name of our it definant calibre or dynamic calibre?! Just kidding...I should shut up and get to work on my art homework that's due tomorrow that I haven't started...adios world of blog.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

who is really going to bother reading this...i'm way too tired, i just decided to blog about some stuff we did last night..

I'm extremely sunburnt. And it hurts. It hurts to smile, which is really annoying. I've also got a weird cut in my foot...I think it might be from the pool, but I really don't know where I got it. Anyway...Last night was surprisingly extremely fun! Not that I was expecting it to not be fun, I was just expecting it to be kind of awkward maybe? But yeah...we went swimming, then 3 of us cooked the bbq and possibly burnt the rissoles and undercooked the burgers. But anyway...Then we ate and I think we may have gone swimming again. Then sometime at around midnight we started watching Sweeney Todd. I fell asleep and ironically woke up when someone said "PIE!" And everyone was eating it. Talk about freaky. I can't really remember much after that...I was WAY too tired. I remember lying on a towel with Ben and Ally and Ben attempting to throw weeds at us. I also remember everyone watching Chicago and hearing really loud brass while I was trying to sleep. The next thing I remember is waking up to the end of Chicago. Then I think they started watching West Side Story, but Ally and I decided that the cat was getting to us, so we went outside to put our feet in the pool. Before the sun was up. Gee we're weird. Then at about 7 everyone came outside and swam AGAIN. After that I think I made breakfast. I made everyone pancakes(although Ben and Ally did help at the start, then left me to play wii...) So I made the pancakes then realised I hadn't made enough for me or Ally. Oops. Then I kind of left Brandon's kitchen in a pig sty with pancake batter on the floor. SORRY BRANBOY! Anyway, after that I think we played wii and went swimming AGAIN. And we weren't tired. That's just weird.

Anyway, I just decided blogging was a good alternative to sleep, even if it's 10.13 and in the past 2 nights i've gotten 6 hours sleep. I've also read 30 pages of FML. It's quite entertaining really...But now I really think I should go to bed, or at least attempt it.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Well doesn't this just screw everything up...

I really don't like my parents much. And I probably sound like a stereotypical teenager to be complaining about them, but they just get on my nerves. Lately I've been arguing with my mum and my brother almost constantly, so I've sort of been avoiding the both of them a fair bit.

I just kept thinking it would blow over, but it hasn't, it's just getting worse. And now mum's decided that she wants to pack me off to live at dad's house, fun. I mean, I like dad's house, I prefer it to mum's actually, it's just the fact that she doesn't care enough to want to keep me anymore that makes me freaking pissed off.

And another thing that's going to be weird is that I've always lived in a house where mum has always been home. Dad leaves for work at 6 in the morning and isn't home til 8 at night...It's going to be almost like living by myself...And I'll have to catch a bus to school which leaves at like 7 in the morning. JOY.

I kind of think it's a good thing in a way though.....In other randomness, I went to the dentist today and had to get two fillings, one of them is really really really sore and it hurts to eat or drink fun fun.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I've met someone that makes me feel seasick

I'm happy. Like really happy. For the first time in a long time.

I don't know how I can feel happy when my friends are the complete opposite, but somehow I am. And that fact makes me even happier for some strange reason. I just realised that being depressed wasn't really a good idea, and like people keep telling me, I should focus on the good stuff. And it works.


That is all.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I remember you like yesterday and I still can't believe you're gone

I miss him. Way too much. I even miss the way he used to cut our sandwiches. It freaking sucks. I want to curl up into a ball and cry....even if I was doing that all of last night....

I'm sick of not being able to sleep, I'm sick of waking up screaming and crying, and not knowing how to stop these nightmares...Someone said I should focus on the good stuff, another person said I should just try not to think about it, and another said to get some sleeping tablets. All of which are too hard and won't end up working anyway.

I haven't had a good night's sleep in months. That's no exaggeration. The best sleep I've had was on Outdoor Ed. Camp, and that was 6 hours...

Shows that it's bad......

Sunday, November 1, 2009

So Tired...

I am so freaking tired. The most sleep I've got in the past week was like 5 hours. And I've been doing stuff all this weekend to make me tired. Had to look after a bunch of year sevens on Friday afternoon, then went to xs already super tired. Then Saturday I spent the day down the bay with my cousins and then a couple of friends, then went back to one of these friends houses for a sleepover, which probably wasn't the best idea with me being super tired and all, but oh well. Then today went to play golf...I did surprisingly well considering I played with right handed clubs when I'm left handed. But now my problem is that it's nearly 11.30, I have school in the morning to get up at like 6.30 for...Even if I go to sleep now, it won't be til at least 1 when I actually fall asleep genuinely, by 2.30 I would of been woken up by a nightmare and not be able to get back to sleep til 5....3 hours sleep isn't enough. I'm sick of not sleeping.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm going to the beach :D

I'm excited about going to the beach with people! Last time I went to the beach was with Lisa and her fam...I got stung by 4 jellyfish. We went back to her house and it was too hot, so we sat in the lounge watching Mean Girls with my leg covered in milk. Good times, Good times. Lisa and I have the most random sleepovers...On Saturday we 'wrecked' shoes with Fred (her black sharpie) Then we ate some junk, as we always do, then watched some random movie...then we actually went to sleep shockingly. The next morning we had crossaints, chocolate and pudding for breakfast...The amount of junk I consume at Lisa's house is disgusting.

I didn't really realise until last night that I have a terrible fear of drowning at the beach, but I'm the one who planned us going. Fair enough that my best friend's dad died at the beach trying to save her while I stood there helplessly wondering what to do. The fact that I'm blogging about this might make her slightly annoyed...but anywho, I think I should stop worrying about everything...

I'm really in the mood for a trip to the city and a picnic in the Botanic Gardens. Sarah and I used to do that all the time, it's a bit hard to do now, it would involve one of us hopping on a plane. That sucks.

In other randomness, I was at Marion with my little brother and some of his friends yesterday and the fire alarms went off. So we got evacuated out of marion, it was pretty funny if i do say so...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sleeping is difficult......

It's 12:15, I have to be up at 6. I should be sleeping. But instead I'm lying here on the couch watching Home clue why that's on at this time but anyway....I've attempted counting sheep, reading something boring, drinking warm milo, all that kind of stuff that would usually put me to sleep in no time.......but no, I just can't. I suppose it doesn't make it better when I got a little more than 2 hours sleep last night. Oh well. I'll catch up on the weekend.......hopefully.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Post About The Dot Game

The Dot Game is addictive.
Ben got me addicted term 3 last year. Then last night he got me addicted again.

I've had the same song in my head for 3 days now.

It's freaking annoying. Stupid brother goes around the house humming Cat Empire. Sigh.

Sometimes I really want to be a kid again.

Decisions were made by eeny-meeny-miney-mo, Dad could fix everything with a hug and a milo, if you got into a fight it would all blow over by the next day, your biggest worry was whether you'd get a puppy or a bike for christmas and when the only thing you cried over was when your mum was late picking you up. I think the thing I miss the most though, is the fact that it was so
easy to pray. You said thanks to God for mum and dad and asked him to keep the bad dreams away. And it worked. For 6 years I had no nightmares, then they randomly decide to come back.
But anyway, I was supposed to be blogging about missing being a kid, not nightmares. I WANT TO BE A KID AGAIN. Even if it is just for a day.......I grew up way too fast


I hate Taylor Swift with a passion!

Yes, I definetely do. Everybody knows it. But read this....

"I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know your about to cry
And I know your favourite songs, and you tell me 'bout your dreams
Think I know where you belong, think I know it's with me."

Doesn't that just make you squee? It reminds me completely of a certain friend of mine.

Anyways, in other news, I've been put in charge of planning family christmas this year. I'm taking the fairly simple option and just going down to Victor and having lunch down there, and staying there for a couple of days. So that should be good! I'm also getting a new laptop for christmas, so that should be super awesome :D

On another random note, don't you think it's funny how quickly things can change. This time last year, I never thought that my best friend would of done anything she does now. I never thought I'd see her smoke or drink, or what ever else she does. I never thought she'd be living in Brisbane either.

Sigh. I worry too much.



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bouncy Ball Lovers, Exploding In Colours

Ahh, the life of a stupid rabbit.

I do some utterly stupid things sometimes.

Like yesterday, I was making choc chip muffins for the twins birthday, thinking that they like chocolate, and muffins, so they'd enjoy them...i was also feeding the fish around that time, so i had the fish food out. Instead of pouring the chocolate chips, i poured fish flakes in their muffins. Oops. I know i'm stupid, but that stupid?

Apart from that, these past couple of days have been great. I've got some awesome new neighbours, who have a daughter named Sarah ironically, she supposedly is my long lost twin according to my little brother, so it's kind of cool having a new friend around the place. But her brother is completely and utterly perfect. Ok, so maybe that's a tad of an exaggeration, but seriously! He wears connies and cardigans and likes Vampire Weekend, I mean, literally, what more could anyone want? But I should shut up, and not be so obsessed with some guy i've met like 3 times......I also got 28/25 in my maths test. Seeing I've nearly failed every test this year, I was pretty darn excited to see that stamped on my test. Yeah I know right, the nerd who got into the science and maths school has been failing her maths tests? Seems kind of stupid, but it's true...I do fine in class, I understand everything, but then I go to do it in a test and bam. MENTAL BLANKS AHOY! So to see that mark made me super super super super happy! On the topic of science and maths school, my darling little Benjamin convinced me for about 10 minutes of lunch yesterday that I should go. Then Lisa told me to stop being an idiot.

But I really am going to miss having someone meet me at the school gate every morning.



Monday, October 26, 2009

I've finally got around to starting a new blog..

So I've finally started my blog again!

Now I don't know what to do with it.....I suppose the logical thing is to blog, but you know, I don't think I have the skills to write something worth reading. I have a suspicion that my excitement of having a blog is going to die down soon, but oh well, I'll try.

So now on to something possibly worth reading......I was sitting in english today, while our teacher trying to have a serious conversation about falling in love, and what God has to do with it..I'm not going to talk about that, because I wasn't listening, I was going through the lyrics of Regina Spektor in my head. I decided that my favourite line of all her songs would have to be from Eet, she says "You're using your headphones to drown out your mind" Now this line doesn't really mean much when I first thought about it, but as I kept thinking, I realised "wow, she's right, it's exactly what I do.." I plug in my ipod, and play my depressing music up super loud, to block out fighting, or sometimes just my thoughts.

It really doesn't work! I should stop it.