Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well, that was a bit stupid of me...

So, apparentely I was freaking out over nothing. The thought of senior school actually petrified me, for the entire holidays. I was terrified at the thought of responsibility and homework and formal uniform and different teachers and timetables and assignments and not being with my friends.

But, I got to school, and saw all my friends, and the worries began to slowly disappear. Although I still am pretty scared to walk down the corridor by myself, on account of the numerous times that I was pushed today, but I'll survive. And to make life a lot easier, by some truly AMAZING fluke I got like, 4 friends in my home group! YAY!

The only thing I've got to worry about now is the fact that I actually can't open my own locker, which is a slight dilemma, but if that's my biggest problem with senior school, life for the next year should be easy as pie!

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